Konia Green

Konia has an interesting and rich history, this combined with its modern facilities make it an ideal place to call home.

Central to the village is a large Church, some traditional tavernas or restaurants that serve Cypriot cuisine made with fresh and local farmed products.

There is a pharmacy and some convenience stores. Annually, there is a summer festival where the public school of Konia perform in the square with joyful traditional Cypriot music and games.

Within Konia there is also a number of community parks, which are useful for families with children as there is a basketball and multi-functional court,

climbing frames, swings and slides, as well as a safe and commonplace for teenagers to meet up.

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The project is located in a gated community of a prestigious suburb of Paphos. The villa offers spacious interiors and exteriors, as well as access to the pool. Its excellent finishes, technical characteristics and unique location provide elite buyers with the opportunity to try the luxurious Cypriot-Mediterranean lifestyle.


Konia Green

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