Sea gallery

Our Sea Gallery project, consists of several villas located on the beachfront of Pervolia village, just 250 meters from the beach.

As you approach these stunning residences, you’re greeted by clean lines and striking geometric forms that blend with the surrounding environment.

The play of light and shadow on the villa’s facade highlights the architectural precision and attention to detail that define each structure.

These villas are designed with luxury in mind, offering a harmonious combination of modern elegance and natural beauty.

The interiors are spacious and meticulously crafted, with high-end finishes and premium materials that create a sense of opulence throughout.

The close proximity to the beach allows residents to enjoy the tranquil sounds of the sea and the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

This project represents the epitome of seaside living, where luxury meets the serene beauty of the coastline.

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The project specification

face view
The project is located in Pervolia village, just a 10-minute drive from the center of Larnaca city. These unique two-story villas include 3 bedrooms with balconies overlooking the blue sea and beautiful green areas, landscaped gardens providing ample space for private swimming pools and barbecue areas. Each villa is also equipped with cameras and alarm systems. The traditional style, equipment, and finishes have been carefully selected to preserve the charm and authenticity of the region. The modern and functional design of the residences will provide future homeowners with all the comforts to enjoy their homes in a peaceful setting. An ideal investment for year-round enjoyment.


Sea gallery

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