Akamas 4

The Akamas 4 project consists of ten recently built luxury villas, located on top of a picturesque hill.

In the architectural design of the villas, inspiration was drawn from the surrounding natural environment to create a simplistic yet luxurious space.

All villas have a private pool and 3 spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. An excellent investment opportunity as they are ideal for both holiday homes and permanent homes, the villas offer luxury, eclecticism, modern comfort and are surrounded by the beautiful landscape.

The villas are fully equipped with modern kitchen appliances and landscaped gardens.

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Sunset view
The fenced project is located on the border of Akamas National Park, called Natura 2000, home to hundreds of animals and plants of all species and colors, an amazing view overlooking The Mediterranean Sea and Akmas Forest.

Villa plans

Akamas 4

Villa 10

Villa 7-9

Villa 6

Villa 1-5

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