Park Avenue

Park Avenue is expected to feature an extravagant architectural design and spectacular panoramic views of the sea and the Salt Lake of Larnaca.
It is worth noting that the area in which the new high-rise will grow is quite developed, there are many buildings of mixed, residential, office and commercial type around.
the elite complex is being built in the very center of the city, on Grigoris Afxentiou Avenue The Larnaca Marina is 1.3 km away, the city Library and the Municipal Theater are 50 m away,
the American Academy School is 250 m away, the Pankipra Secondary School is 500 m away and the Larnaca Old Hospital is 300 m away.
Park Avenue is a great investment opportunity, as it combines luxury, modern design and advantageous location. This is an exceptional option and opportunity for investors who seek to get a high return on their investments.

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The project specification

The area
It is a fresh and exclusive residential investment opportunity situated in a prime location in the centre of Larnaca. This fusion of luxury design apartments and surrounding natural beauty is in close proximity to many amenities, making it the ideal opportunity to invest in a prime and future-proof real estate, with high resale and rental value.

Park Avenue comprises of 4 1-Bedroom apartments, 16 2-Bedroom apartments and 4 3-Bedroom apartments on eight floors.

The development is characterized by its extravagant architectural design and its breath-taking panoramic views of Sea and the Salt Lake.


Park Avenue





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